Ice Wins In July

The small village of Lampton is nestled along the southern end of Lac St. Francois in Quebec. Careful readers of these musings will remember this lake as the venue for the first annual CIBC Hundred Mile Race last March, and the summer home of winner of that race, Denis Guertin. Apparently Lambton has a fine community spirit. This from Denis:

“A few weeks ago, I took part to a photo contest in Lambton.
Participants had to submit a picture taken in Lambton. The theme of the contest was: Showing someone doing his sport or hobby in Lambton.
So I decided to send a picture of Bill, Jim, Lee, Karin and me (behind the camera) all aligned with our iceboats, the day before the 100 miles race. And guess what? I won the first price… $100

I guess I will have to pay you all a beer some time next season.”

Don’t worry about that beer, Denis. Your hospitality during those amazing days in March was already way over the top. Here’s to pulling it off again next year!

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