Iceboating History

CIBC historian Bill Bunting would like us all to come to this fascinating event, linked below the appeal:

“Pressure has been applied on me to do something to help make this event a success. I have racked my brain to figure out a way to connect it to ice boating so that it might legitimately qualify for website mention.

The best I can come up with is that this collection of glass plate negatives was preserved in large part thanks to the efforts of Wayne Hamilton, supplier of much of our incidental ice boat accoutrements, and also our good friend Polly Saltonstall, sister of the legendary Dickie S., designer of Indigo, loftiest and among the fastest boat in the CIBC fleet, and wife of CIBBC member-in-good-standing John Hanson. Also, that the curator of PMM is none other than our own Capt. Ben Fuller, pilot of the venerable stern-steerer Tippy. And that author Bunting holds the club record for locating water hazards in Herring Gut.”

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