DN For Sale

If you are a loyal follower of the CIBC then you probably already have a boat, show up for events, and sail as much as possible. But there are others out there who just need a small nudge onto the ice. We all know folks like that, and in an effort to grow the sport we all need to evangelize as much as social decorum allows. I know I’ve had more than my share of blank stares at parties when the subject of iceboating comes up. It’s not the greatest way to “break the ice”. That said, I did mange to employ a new spy for Alford Lake at a recent Democratic party fundraiser. Since Dicky left we haven’t really sailed there.

So, back to getting folks onto the ice and into a boat. Here’s a fine DN being offered by Fred Kircheis. And don’t forget that Fred Wardwell still has his old DN available.

Built in 2001 according to the “International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association” official plans.
Kenyon sail with DN number 3472. Reef points on sail.
spruce mast
ash plank
3 sets of wooden battens (light, medium, and heavy air)
Sarns Runners and slush runners.

Asking price $1,500.

Interested parties can call me (207-848-3797) or email at fred.kircheis.

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