CIBC Branded Apparel: action item

We are gearing up to get hats and jackets with our burgee embroidered. The hats are very nice Adams, with adjustable straps in the back, and a mesh liner. I never knew why iceboaters should be wearing caps as they don’t provide much heat, but all summer it’s a great way to get the word out and start conversations and conversions. Not to mention keeping the sun out your eyes.

They will cost $14.00, and the club can keep a few on hand to give as gifts to visiting sailors, like the guy from New Zealand, for example. Or like Brett from NJ who drove all night to arrive at Moosehead first thing in the morning and sail half the day.

There are various price breaks for different quantities; the above price reflects an order of 24. Please let me know if you’d like one asap, and if there are lots of requests we can order more and drop the price a couple of bucks.

Our burgee will be in the center, with “Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club” laid out like this hat. Colors will be the same, too, unless there is a groundswell of opposition.

They also have a very nice jacket, which I have tried on. Fit is good, inside pocket, outside hand warming/zippered pockets. The breast pocket is perfect for phones or cameras. No hood, but snug collar when all zipped up. Details and sizing below. Minimum order is six, and I sure want one. Do we have five others out there?
The plan is to have the burgee on the left chest, with option for your name and number. The price for this is about $70.00. An option is to have Doug Raymond’s graphic on the back. This will bump it up to about $120.00. see below.
This is an old tee shirt, it used to belong to Stu Nelson! But many of you have this on trailers and boats. We want to keep it as part of the CIBC culture and history so putting on the back of a cool jacket would be great. It will be embroidered, not silk-screened.

We can get mugs as well, but the minimum order is 72 cups at about four bucks each. I can follow up on that if there is interest. We have settled on a white mug, the burgee, black rim and handle.

Please get back to me soon so we can get this rolling before it gets too busy with chasing ice!

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7 Responses to CIBC Branded Apparel: action item

  1. Andrew Donovan says:

    I would be interested in two hats. One for me and one to give as a gift. I can mail payment. Thanks Bill.

    Thank you, Andy Donovan-Biddeford.


  2. Richard Gluckman says:

    Definitely one hat and a mug if there’s interest.
    Richard Gluckman

  3. David Fortier says:

    Bill, the hat is nice as it is a low profile forehead/crown (not a billboard type front), but the bill looks rather large. Smaller the better of me, better in the wind and just get in the way less. Jacket sounds nice, zipper pockets/inside/phone pocket good. I like drugs graphic embroidered for $50, it is a piece of art. See you soon, Dave

  4. doug raymond says:

    Bill, I’ll take a large jacket, garnet, with the logo on the back in black. Name on the front—Doug US 4272 Thanks for taking the time to do this. Doug

  5. Theodore Beckingham Jr. says:

    Hi Bill,

    I’m interested in 1-hat 1-Jacket (XL) 8 -cups Please let me know about mailing payment. Thanks! Ted Beckingham 37 Janis Street Hudson, NY 12534 914-388-7438

  6. Lloyd Roberts says:

    Bill, I’ll sign for hat and Jacket. Jacket size large. Lloyd

  7. John Haile says:

    Hi Bill,

    I would like to order a hat, please.

    John Haile 1160 Great Pond Rd., N. Andover, MA 01845 >

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