Thanksgiving at the Squibb’s

Sailing the Driveway—November 25, 2016

Now that thanksgiving is laid away—our crowd of 20-somethings are presently sleeping it off!—it’s definitely open season on iceboating. I remember one season when we were on Tolman Pond in the midst of the holiday itself. Last season, being an El Nino year, gave us a late start, but an unusually snow-less beginning. We were able to sail in Canada in early December and, best of all, enjoy Moosehead Lake, which formed a centerpiece memory of that season.

I’m trying to bleed off the pre-season jitters by rigging “Ice and Easy” my new mini-skeeter every few days in the driveway. She has a free-standing mast which is quicker to rig. You slide together the two parts of the carbon fiber mast, slide it into the sail’s luff-sleeve and carefully slide the rig into the mast stump. When it’s blowing hard, this may prove a challenge! The sheet blocks are beautifully arranged so the sheeting is effortless. Since the middle of the boom is sheeted instead of the far end, there is no need for a block below the luff. Unfortunately, there is no storage space aboard for lunch and the rum bottle!

The boat has an easy cockpit to enter, its opening being wide and long, which should encourage this lazy-bones to leap out and get moving again when needed. So, dear buddies, double check that gear and stand by for the best season ever. I think we can get in one more before the Republicans heat us up.

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  1. Dave Farmer says:

    Gorgeous woodworking! Nice to see an Eastern Mini Skeeter!

    Dave Farmer
    Spokane, WA
    MS 2

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