Ice Boat Post Cards

Don Stearns is organizing the production of ice boat post cards for the CIBC membership. He’s asking that everyone select three of their best photos and e-mail them to him at
He will then assemble them on a CD and send it to the selection committee at Lake Chickawaukee. They will select a few of the best ones and have post cards printed. These will be sent to all the members along with their next newsletter.
We don’t know yet how many each person will receive, but the idea is to get iceboat images out into the world while celebrating the anachronistic tranquility of the snail mail post card. Submission deadline this coming Friday, December 9 at midnight.

Size matters; please submit in medium resolution. If your photo is selected we’ll ask that you send it in for printing at full resolution.

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2 Responses to Ice Boat Post Cards

  1. Lee says:

    Perhaps all the submitted photos could be available in the pix and video section of the CIBC website.

  2. Don Stearns says:

    Thanks Bill,

    Now I can send my relatives in Australia another novel item they will love, and not understand.

    It is so hard explaining this sport without a picture. There are many pictures out there which tickle the imagination!

    Best, Don

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