Web Cams

A selection of web cams are now included on this site under the heading “Ice Cams”. Lots of sea smoke looking magical on this sunny sub-zero morning. Lakes are dumping heat big time. Oddly, South Twin has been frozen for over a week, while nearby Sebec is still open. Not much chance of a recovery on South Twin as the heat wave due Sunday will only bring them freezing rain.

But Sabbatus has also been frozen and snowed out for a while. It will be very warm there, with rain, so if there is enough thickness there could be a nice recovery there for sailing next week. Lee and Karin, could you guys check it out?

One web cam missed the boat, Lake Sunapee: http://sunapee.dyndns.org:8080/cgi-bin/guestimage.html Thanks for that, Kate!

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