Black Turns To White

This is the scene yesterday on Megunticook, sailed by Jory and Lloyd:

So this morning, with the trees lightly swaying and all that ice only minutes away, Jory and I sailed it. There was a very nice charge of wind in Polly’s Folly Bay which held nicely up between Fang and Crane Islands. It was just as nice as Damariscotta and nearly as silent running as Pushaw. The rush of the wind was the loudest sound and with no hazzards you could close your eyes and imagine flight.
Jory saw the snow coming, and in no time the sheet was white, There was very little wind in the broads. The snow was piling up on the push back. The gear in the pits was nearly buried. Sailed hard and put away wet: was it worth the effort for and hour of sailing like that? Absolutely. While we all suffer from “on the fence syndrome” about packing up and going sailing, are there any times you regretted going? Non that I can think of.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Black Ice under the tree.

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3 Responses to Black Turns To White

  1. Dan West says:

    What a photo, one for the ages. –Dan

  2. chefhannibal says:

    Lived right there for 30 years. Last year I think it was January before we hit local ice, maybe later. Now Here I sit in Portland and you guys are tearing it up! So very happy for you and looking forward to cultivating some sailing friends and locations here in the southern part of the state. Looks good so far but I don’t like going out alone. Remember a couple years ago? Up at that lake by UMO? I could see all the boats at the far end, but a pretty good stretch between the launch site and you. So I set out tentatively, following tracks of other skaters but got sketched out and stopped. I watched. A few of you made your way back and as I stood there talking with a guy, someone went into the drink about 50 yards from where we were standing. We helped him pull his boat out and he continued on to the take out. Moral is, I was not alone, alone. There were plenty of people there. But all were far enough away it would not have mattered. Followed my gut and error on the side of caution, always.
    Go back a couple more years, Megunticook looked kinda scary. Blowing snow, low visibility and marginally safe wind. Semi warm temp had me wary. Too isolated at bog bridge so I went to Chicky. Got out, skated the rim that follows rt 17, about 20 ft from shore. Still too sketched out to fully rig so I bagged it and went home. Later that day I heard we lost a guy who went in on the far side . We were not alone, alone, but we did not know each other was there.

  3. says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and lots of great ice in the new year david.lampton@att.

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