Chickie Today, Damariscotta Wednesday

One of the many great joys of iceboating is that moment in light air when there’s a tug on the sheet and the sail fills. The boat begins to move and in seconds you are wound up and sailing fast. We had many such moments today on Lake Chickawaukee. Aside from the hole in the middle of the lake, the ice was ideal for a light-air day: hard and smooth. We set up a leeward mark and indicated the open hole ringed with cones as the windward mark. Half way through the first lap the boats were like upon a painted sea. We gammed a bit and when the wind came back it was with a 180 shift so we were still going up-wind: just right again for a light-air day.

Lloyd made a nice fire in the pit with immediate ignition from an old tin of black powder. Toasted sandwiches all around and some more pushing and sailing until dark.

Damariscotta is looking potentially very good for Wednesday. Rain coming tonight, temps in the forties tomorrow, slight freeze Tuesday night. Hoping for drainage and evaporation by Wednesday AM. Morgan and Tim, if you get this, we’ll be sure and get you into a boat on Wednesday if you can make it. We promise more wind!

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