Damariscotta Lake TEN Again

It was unanimous: Bo Derek, Pushaw, whatever, it was again a 10. Even with 10-12mph winds, the runners ran silent. Downside were the numerous drain holes, which were expected. The surface, however, recovered from the rain in spite of above freezing temps all night. The drain holes did their thing perfectly, and kept a black skim on them so they could be seen. While a few of us were tip-toeing our way around and marking holes, Bob MacEwen took in the big picture and covered pretty much the entire North Broads in his multi colored Cheapskate. He came back to report that there were plenty of holes, but you were ok as long as you didn’t sail over them. I’m still wondering if this is simplistic or profound. Some one didn’t get the memo:

As the wind built and our confidence grew we actually began to sheet and wind up. It was a mile-a-minute day for sure, without even trying.

We planted sticks in the worst of the holes. If we’d had more time we would have set up marks as the plate we secured made a nice course. Guy will now be the keeper of the marks and organize their set-up next time.

The Mini Skeeter sailed very well in her first fresh breeze day. Never a hike, more than enough speed, good pointing and total comfort. The fellow in the cockpit there couldn’t be more satisfied. Both Jims took her for a sail and were impressed. Now we’re waiting for Frank and MS #33Rolling Rock. Frank, if we can get Megunticook for you on Saturday could you make it? Megunticook looks like it will get rain, not snow in the big storm tomorrow. Deep cold and drainage Friday might fix her right up beautiful. Pencil it in! We’ll scout it Friday and post it here.

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