Damariscotta Today and Tomorrow (and forever)

No snow forecast for almost a week. Ice is magnificent. Wind today offered one tack shots from Muscongus Bay to the pits in minutes. Best ever, etc. I’m too wind blown and sun burnt to think.

Picture yourself on this ice, in a huge gybe going 50mph. Yea, it was like that. Everywhere. Frank and Denis, Jory and Bunting, Fortier, Eric Anderson and Steve Madden scouting for a weekend regatta tba., Lloyd and Bob in cheapies, Scott and Doug in Skimmers. Smiles all around.

Round the islands, Deep Cove, SW Arm. Some water at points and shoals. !2″ ice in the SW Arm, 6″ everywhere else. One pressure ridge just north of the narrows marked with a branch and could be sailed over today; maybe not tomorrow. Stop and check.

Wind held until sunset. We just couldn’t quit. Light air tomorrow. Better wind at Megunticook. Cam Lewis reports similar stellar conditions there. But boats are on Dammy. See you there in the morning.

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