Damariscotta Today, 1/7

In spite of the light wind forecasts, sailors from far and wide are showing up to sample the joys of the wonderful lake. Just as Steve and James Lamb showed up the wind began to fill nicely from the NNW. It settled in at 6-8 which is plenty on this nice, smooth ice. A couple of boats got through the narrows, but didn’t dare take a chance on going further with the iffy wind. Bad call. When in doubt, go for it. Who knows: it might be worth a long walk home.

The snow has blown down to offer a nice psychedelic blur at speed. The three Whizz, taking a break from high speed chase, Doug Raymond photo. Doug and Guy were tuning and match racing; don’t know if they are going to the Doc Fellows on Champlain Sunday. Dan from Cape Cod matched up well with Brett from New Jersey, and there were a couple of Lockly Skimmers getting pushed around. Gagnon, Roberts, Fred Partritge and John Hale rounded out the fleet.

Thanks so much to David Lambton for opening up the club house and turning up the heat. It was bitter cold today and the warm house was a real treat: just the sort of thing an iceboat club needs! Boats are on the ice and hope to sail through the snow tomorrow.

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