Damariscotta ON for Tuesday

Now that the gear has been patched and the wounds licked we can get back to business. Winds building nicely throughout the day, rain not dripping until after dark.

Lloyd sent this observation from yesterday:

“That was John C. sailing Fred’s Gambit. I saw him fall out, no hike or anything. The Gambit was circling in maybe 50-100 foot circles. John, after a few near catches, figured out that he had to catch it on the up wind side just after it luffed. He fell in and resumed command none the worse for wear. Fred tried for the elusive 40 MPH award, now named “Cheap Thrills 40″ by Doug Raymond. Award design on drawing board. Fred got up to 35.4 MPH, probably good for 40 on clean ice, it is within reach.”

Thanks to everyone who took off their boots and cleats when going into the clubhouse. It’s a good thing to be a considerate guest…

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