We’re all on the edge of our seats with the amazing weather forecast, hoping it comes true for the weekend. Meanwhile, Doug Raymond has this to offer:

“Free Sunfish sail (rough but useable) and free bed rails to anyone who has a Cheapskate under construction. Also a couple of free sets of marks to any CIBC “regular”.

I think we should distribute the marks to a bunch of different sailors so there will always be a set on hand. Thanks for making them, Doug! Bring them to Damariscotta this weekend.

Brian Langly has finished the Mini Skeeter:

He also built a minimini BDX skeeter for his daughter Bella:

Gotta love the pink powder coated boom. How could any little girl resist? Remember the BDX iceboat baby carriage on runners he built for her when she was an infant? You go, girl!

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