2017 New England Championship


It has been suggested that in my New England Champs write up I should have included the Big Picture, not sure what that really means, I will do my best.

One of the things that I forgot to mention in my original version is that I hit the leeward mark on Saturday, and for whatever reason that was not recorded on the results. When that was discovered on Tues? the results were recomputed. That was a big change in the results for places 4 through 8 because we were all so close in points. I was now 8 points richer, and that took me from 4th place to 8th! I must remember to record my finishes while on the ice just for such occasions, as I am getting older if you know what I mean.

We did have a nice place to stay at Paul Gervais Saturday night. and him being a local he knows where the popular eating places are. We gave Guy Polyblank a call and he met us at the restaurant that I cannot recall the name of. It was difficult to find a place to park , but we did. We got a table, I ordered too much food, and we talked about iceboating I am quite sure. The food was good, as was the company. We finished up, Guy went back to his hotel, and Eben, Paul and I went back to his place. Back at Paul’s place we watched the Patriots game until we could not keep the eyes open any longer.

We were up in the morning plenty early, Paul made a pot of coffee, and we all took care of business if ya know what I mean. We had toast and banana with our coffee, packed our gear, and hit the road back to the launch site. There is a good store/bakery close to the launch site that has good breakfast sandwiches, and of course more coffee, so there we stopped. Then it was to the launch site. From here return to the original version.

Cheers, Dave

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