Dammy Bonus Day

Doug and Wolfie had one more winner. This, from Doug:

“Nuances. Though one could say that the last few days on Damariscotta were pretty much the same, (sunny warm and glorious), if you think about it, there was variety – periods of dark clouds and even a few minutes of flurries prior to the Whizz race, for example. Each day was spectacular in its own way. But there were nuances.

Today was no exception. The boat ramp was now blocked by slabs of ice three feet high. Wolfie commented that trailers wouldn’t be able to get on. I found quite a lot of frost on my boat, some of which was melting in the the sun. The temperature on the lake was 27. Apparently the frost covered the lake as well because in no time there was a fine film of water on the surface which made for extremely fast sailing in the light to moderate air. At no time during the day were we unable to sail. Even the new guy in the Skimmer was flying effortlessly. For some reason the lake itself became very loud, as lakes sometimes do, emitting a non-stop chorus of whale like sounds.

Linc Davis sailed over for a chat on skates and kite-wing. Soon the temperature was 38, and the sweaters came off. I gathered up the cones and somewhat ineffective prototype marks before heading home. Wolfie found a chair from out in the middle and took it home. And now it’s wait and see.”

To view the Cheapskate video from the last post, go to the web site and get it there.

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