Damariscotta Ice Report Friday, 1/27

The lake is as good as it looks. It was skate sailed on Nordic skates early this afternoon and the ice was firm. This, in spite of the 38 degree temps. No drain holes were found in the area from the pits, out to the buoys at Second Island, and about a third of the way across. No cracks, and the crud around the fishing camps is just a small bump. This plate is amazing, an easy grade 8.5-9.

Of course, this was a random sampling. The rest of the lake will need to be scouted again and troubles marked. Tomorrow should be a fine day for that. The parking lot is icy; could some one bring some sand? I’m leery of calling the snow plow sander because of the wash down into the pits that happened last time. The Clubhouse will be off limits tomorrow, but available for us on Sunday and the rest of the week. The forecast is nothing but beautiful as far as thy eye can see.

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  1. Douglas H Adams says:

    Thanks just drove up from Long Island ny see you tomorrow
    Doug Adams with a DN

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