Video of Last Weekend and Sailing Possibilities

There is still snow on Damariscotta Lake. It was warm today which might have begun to thicken it. But there are still boats on the ice, and some out of staters who are hungry enough to show up and pray and are on their way. The winds for the next three days indicate snow drift blasting through strength. Combine that with nice sun and there could be some fun. So, if that not too vague and wishywashy an ice report then I don’t know what is. Is there any ice anywhere else in New England?

If you’d rather just stay home, then put this on an endless loop and be happy:

Thanks, again, to Denis and Frank for putting this together.

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  1. Pat Furr says:

    Thank you Denis and Frank. You do such a nice job putting these memories together. Very nice touch at the end dousing the sail at the end of the day.

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