Damariscotta in Snow

A small fleet found patchy wind and stiffening snow throughout the day. We discovered the flagged crack had healed. Nothing else to worry about that we could find in the North Broads.

It looks about like this, but the ramp is dry. There is a big heave at the bottom of the ramp; someone might show up with a chain saw and take it down. Needless to say, plates will perform better than inserts.

James Lamb and Chris Gordon sailed until sunset, then strolled across the street to the inn and enjoyed a prime rib dinner that couldn’t be beat. Guess who’s sleeping well tonight?
The wind promised for tomorrow is about the same that was promised today. Let’s hope they get it straight this time and it blows 10-12. Cold temps hopefully will keep the snow soft. Rumors of sailable ice on Champlain south of the bridge. Thanks to Breck Holladay and James Lamb for the photos.

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  1. Ben Fuller says:

    The ice ridge has to go. I’ll bring down a chain saw but it has been a while since it has started so someone with one more in tune would be useful. Snow does look like I can get TIPPY through it if we have wind. I should have stayed set up.

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