Damariscotta Still On, 2/4

Lots of wind helped drive about a dozen boats through he snow. Wind was very gusty, and it also drove Breck’s mast step down through the deck of his DN.

It’s important to mention that we don’t report breakage as some sort of macho badge of honor, but rather to keep us aware of the loads involved and the inherent risks on a big frozen lake. Carnage reports are educational. It’s good to know that if you put your springboard into a pressure ridge it will break. If you over sheet your mast in a lot of wind it will break. Please take these breakage stories as cautionary tales rather than bravado.

That said, Lloyd once told me on a fine spring day as my stud plates were hanging on by only a couple of bent screws: ” How elegant to sail your boat to the edge of destruction on the very last day of the season”.

Wind should be a bit more moderate tomorrow. Big weather Tuesday-Wednesday might set us up with fine ice again for the weekend.

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  1. John Hayes says:

    Another beautiful sunlit day at Damariscotta! Much thanks to John Eastman for setting up the Gambit and allowing me to introduce my friend Ted to the joys of iceboating. We had some nice exhilarating runs in the fresh breeze.

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