Damariscotta Done, 2/6

It was a good day to take the boats off the ice. The wind and warmth had compacted the snow drifts, making it tough to get through them in anything less than half a gale. There were occasional half-gale bursts that were great fun, but then it would pooch and we’d have to push through. So it was good day to depart. It was like some fine late spring day, breaking down with the sun still high, runners and parts melting their way down into the ice, and a relaxed camaraderie not familiar on the cold and dark wind blown afternoons of winter.

The ice heaves along the marge were climbing, taking this small boulder and all sorts of things with them. As Shackleton said, “what the ice gets, the ice keeps”. We feel so fortunate that the ice has kept us for such a long stretch of sailing. I know I speak for all the sailors who have warmed their toes and lunch in the clubhouse this winter in giving the greatest of thanks to David Lampton for his fabulous hospitality.

The other part of our sport now comes into play: that of finding ice. No good leads yet, but there’s nothing on the horizon for Maine, as far as we know. Please, prove me wrong!

Saying goodbye to a well worn ramp. We’ll be back!

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