Lake Balaton, Hungary: site of the Euro Champs

DN for sale:
It is time to part with my older DN. All parts are in good working order. The sail has been used only a few times and the original sail has been cut down to a storm sail. The dolly and a side car are included. Aluminum chocks, Harken blocks. More photos are available on request. Asking $900. Located in Bangor, Maine
​holliscaffee 207-990-1906

It’s a great deal, but what’s that have to do with Hungary? The DN European Championships are taking place there, racing starting tomorrow. This is a shot of the lake, Balaton, a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very big lake about halfway between Trieste and Budapest. Race iceboats: see the world!

If not the world, at least sail iceboats and see all of New England. If that’s still a bit much, well then just buy Hollis’s boat and day sail your local lake. It’s all great fun!

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  1. Breck Holladay says:

    Holy cow, I was within 30 miles of there in November on my trip to Budapest!

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