Sunday “Chercher La Glace” trip to Green Lake 3/4

Today, Saturday, was a great day NOT to be iceboating….winds howling around the eves…bird feeder empty of clients….temps glued to single digits….but tomorrow promises continued cold but less wind.

If anyone is not making the trip to Moosehead, they may want to join the JV iceboating team and join us on Green Lake, near Ellsworth. Bob Lombardo has been skating there and sends this photo:

It’s about an hour East of the Mid-coast. We’ll be using back roads after Buckport, as shown on the gazetteer, and then using the public launch ramp on the south side of the lake off Nicolin Road. Skating is also reported excellent.

You might think, reading Lloyd’s last report from Damariscotta, that we’re really scooping up the dregs of iceboating…..this is not so!….Bob MacEven and I had an absolute blast there yesterday, and after an hour of fairly ‘crash/bang’ iceboating, arrived at the calm, sunny, silent cove, called Deep Cove 6.5 miles south of the launch….what could be a better spot for lunch:

the trip home was even better, as the wind and sun had polished and slightly softened the surface. Keeping up with Bob was a challenge, not because I couldn’t sheet in and pass him; but because I lacked hutzpah. Ah, aging….

So don’t write this season off!

Stay safe, and remember: never step on the ice without the “four C’s”: cleats; claws; cell phone; and cap (that is, helmet)


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