Weekend Prognosis

It’s looking good for the weekend: cold temps and mostly clear skies, and great wind. We’re watching Damariscotta, Moosehead and South Twin. Dammy has a 50% chance of 1-3″ of snow on Friday afternoon. Moosehead will have no snow, but cold like last weekend. South Twin is a bit warmer, and all five lakes in the system are in good shape, smooth, with 22″ of ice according to Rick at Five Lakes Lodge. He says there’s nothing to prevent us from sailing to the Boom House. The lodge is empty Friday and Saturday, but full on Sunday and Monday.

Damariscotta is closer for the out of staters; we’ll check it Friday before the snow in the off chance it misses it. The rain today might have improved the surface. But if there’s snow there, then South Twin might be our best shot. A trip to the Boom House in the shadow of Mt. Khatadin is something very special.

Spring Ice!

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