All Kinds Of Ice

Jacques Charbonneau reports that Memphramagog is looking very good. Launch from the boat club at Magog and watch out for the ice fishermen.

Ramblin Roger and Paul have finally left Moosehead due to poor surface recovery after the snow/warm spell. They arrived at South Twin after dark, and by flashlight determined that most of the snow had blown clear. The ice under was dry, so no snow was left stuck in puddles to form slush pits. You might want to consider, however, that there is virtually no light pollution in that part of the Maine woods, so all we know is what can be seen by the beam of a flashlight. That said, they will rig in the morning and see what’s what. We’ll post their observations here. Sunday could be a stellar day there, with moderating wind and full sun.

Damariscotta Lake was smooth today, with some potential shell ice. There were still a few inches of slush left to freeze but that will happen by the morning, and certainly for Saturday. There’s not much wind forecast for tomorrow anyway. Saturday will be a full lake breeze.

We’ll inspect Dammy in the morning, and post Roger’s report when it comes in.

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