Damariscotta 3/11

Half-thawed fingers don’t type well; eyes blurred from frozen tears won’t focus on the keyboard. But with thirty boats on the ice, there were a handful prepared to challenge the 20-30kt winds in four degrees above zero. Thankfully, it was clear, for when the sun shines all is forgiven. Sailing these conditions in gloomy overcast would probably have been unbearable. As it was, the best fun was to sail dead downwind to the far side of the lake at true wind speed, sun full on the face and feeling no wind at all.
Then, as long as you could manage to round up along the lee shore, it wasn’t such a chore to beat back upwind, close-haul and pinching. A few of these and then a warm-up and some socializing in the clubhouse made for a fine day on the ice.

Tomorrow’s wind and temps are forecast to be tamer, and then more so on Monday. There is a small murrmer of shifting to Pushaw for Monday as the initial reports of lousy ice have been de-bunked. We haven’t sailed this lake this year, so really should make the effort.
Thanks, as always, to David Lampton for opening up the clubhouse and welcoming all the traffic and trailers. We wouldn’t have survived the day without it!

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