Iceboat For Sale, & Cetera

Here’s an interesting two person DN. Solid and well built. Needs cleaning and paint, but it comes complete with mast, runners and sail. Boat is in Camden, call 975-6980 for info.

Most of the dirt was washed off in the rain on the way home last week.

If you’d like to spend a little more, here’s a link to a sunfish rig looking for a Cheapskate. See the plans on this web site for details.

In other building and repair season news, Steve Lamb has acquired a lovely old stern steerer called Cyclone. She’s gaff rigged and is fitted with a beautiful cast iron tiller.

James demonstrates the proper technique, and appears to be growing a beard. All he needs now is the fur coat.

Steve says that aside from some twist in the main beam, she’s ready to go. Let’s hope for ice on the Hudson this coming season!

At Iceboat Central we are building a front seat C Skeeter from a design by Pat Heppart for a skipper from New Jersey. Launching will be in Maine next season.

There will be a sliding canopy, of course. Mike Acebo is building one as well for George Neyssen. Could this small fleet be a harbinger of a renewed C Skeeter class on the East Coast? These two boats, along with Tom Nichols’, will see some spirited racing next season. Hopefully there will be an ISA on good ice somewhere east of Minnesota!

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