Terrific Chicky meeting

I am having a glass of wine from the bounty left behind after cleaning up the place. I hope that everyone is home safe and sound. Thanks everyone for all the food shared at the party. I am sad to say that much must be tossed as I clean up, I am one, I can’t eat that much. All the chairs I have returned most to where they belong. I thank those who found them and collected for the meeting. I have most of them back to where they belong.
I just found a very nice surprise on my counter as I was cleaning up, and I want to thank Fred for the large jar of what he used to label hard-scrabble or free-range honey. I would like to talk more about bees this winter Fred, I will try to remember to start the conversation.
I do hope, that after this storm we are supposed to get passes, the temperatures will drop, because I am thinkin’ ice,


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