CIBC Fall Meeting

Thanks to Dave Fortier for hosting another great meeting. There were about twenty-five people in attendance. We agreed to buy back all the remaining boxes of Think Ice from the IDNIYRA, as Jim has been selling them like hotcakes all over the world.

Dave announced that he’s almost done compiling the race results from the club archives and that John Stanton will have them up on the web site soon. He went through all the newsletters put out since the early nineties and realized there is lots of good stuff in there that should be accessible some how. I think we should package into a nice little book. Any volunteers willing to take it on?

Bill Bunting presented the Cheapskate trophy he built to the Commodore of the Cheapskate Fleet, Lloyd Roberts. Thanks to Patsy for the awesome polishing job. She even left the polishing cloths in the cup for the next winner. Kate Morrone photo.

The discussion was dominated, however, by our situation on Lake Damariscotta. The clubhouse has been sold, and with it went our right to use the launch ramp. So please take note: iceboaters cannot launch from the ramp next to the clubhouse anymore, or park anywhere inside the fence. Parking along the fence in front of the gazebo is still ok. Please respect the new owners wishes. We are exploring all options, but for now we will launch from the beach and make sure that trailers will have a way to be backed down onto the ice. It’s possible to purchase one of the little cabins which would assure legal access, but for now we will keep a low profile and see what happens.
Thanks for all the good brainstorming; it was very helpful to work this out as a group. The consensus was that the qualities of this particular access to one our favorite lakes was excellent and that everything should be done to keep it viable.

A big welcome to Kendra, who sails a DN. She wrecked it last year, spent the summer rebuilding it, and is now all set to go. Sounds like a real iceboater to me.

Lastly, Frank Able has resigned from the board of directors. Denis Guertin was nominated in absetia and swiftly seconded.

The NEIYA swap meet was on Saturday, with the usual collection of great stuff, bargains on boats, and talking ice. Steve Duhamel of Northwind Iceboats is cutting back on his production of iceboat hardware, so be sure to get whatever you need, might need, or think you might need, right now! He’s the best source for this stuff and we need to keep him profitable. Northwind Iceboats – World’s Fastest Sailing
Oliver Moore and his brother have taken over Jeff Kent’s company Composite Solutions, Inc. They’ve move production to Bristol, RI. See him for great DN masts and fast fuselages.
Home – Composite Solutions Inc

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