Lac Joli Still Good

Some weather has come and gone in the past few days, but the plate is intact and as nice as ever. The larger Lac Abenakis is now frozen. Denis sends this report:

I just made the trip to Ste-Aurelie. Lac Joli is still very good as the light snow is blown out of the surface.
Lac Anenakis is all locked, but the snow is not blown out as much as Lac Joli, but still very sailable. I walked on it and measured 4″ of black ice, but in the middle, there was a large area a bit darker, and I measured 2″ only. So I think it will be sailable in a couple of days, but right now, it would have to be inspected more carefully.

Anyone eager to go sailing in the next few days should contact Denis at <dguertin313>. Friends don’t let friends sail alone! Yours truly needs to go south for a week, but will be back for more asap!

No, this is not Lac Joli! Who can identify the location?

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One Response to Lac Joli Still Good

  1. Lee Spiller says:

    Winni looking towards Rattlesnake Island?

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