Where’s the ice?

Congratulations to Ryan Haskell, Guy Pollyplank, Ben Fuller and Ted Amaral for being quick off the line identifying Plymouth Pond. Just for the fun of it, and so maybe you can find your way back to the pits someday, here’s another one.

Hint: you can see the pit area.

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3 Responses to Where’s the ice?

  1. jorysquibb says:

    lake segago, about 10 years ago

  2. jorysquibb says:

    well bill, only you and i know the answer to that one….lake sebago about 10 years ago…..what a day…..we did it on the day after long pond lakeville or maybe webster….yes i think webster…..jory

  3. billbuchholz says:

    Jory’s right. That’s Nason’s Beach at the low point on the horizon. Those two hills make a good landmark in finding the beach from so far away.

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