12/6 Lac Joli Still Great

Denis sends yet more mouth-watering photos while we wait. Note the skid marks!

Here’s his report:

“I found 2 lakes with just amazing ice !! And the wind was blowing at about 15 mph. As I haven’t sailed Lac Abenakis this year, and therefore not scouted it yet, I decided to sail on Lac Joli.

I sailed from 12:00 to 15:15 with just 2 stops out of the boat. I’m training for the 100 miles race !! Again on this small lake, the challenge was to turn at the end of the downwind part. See picture!!

So, the ice is an easy 9/10 on both lakes… Lac Abenakis would have to be scouted, but I’m very confident that it is safe. But I promess that I won’t sail it alone.

40% chance of about 1″ of snow tonight in Ste-Aurelie, but that mean 60% of no snow !! Let’s stay positive.”

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