It is cold and the wind stopped blowing! So thinking that ice could now have a chance, I circled Sebago Lake ME today. I started with Lower Bay, and found that it was hard as far north as Indian island. Looking on the chart shows that to be 1.25 x 1.25 mi. From there I traveled clockwise up to Nason’s beach, and though Mr Nason has the parking area nicely plowed, the lake is soft far as the eye can see. I continued NW to rt. 302 and the causeway to find that Long Lake is in fact frozen and snowed upon. From there I continued south east to Raymond Beach at the head of Jordan Bay. I found that to be freshly frozen about as far as I could see. Near the beach/launch (not plowed to the water) the ice was roughish 30-40 ft out as it was old ice. From there on fresh freeze. From talking with those seeming to be in the know it solidified Thursday night Friday morning. From there I went SE on 302 then took bridge road following Jordan bay as closely as possible. All I saw was monolithic black ice as far as Whites Point. On the chart that is 3.5 mi from Raymond beach, Jordan Bay is 2 mi wide. From Whites point south there was more ice, but not solid. The wind was light today, and predicted light tonight, so the sheet will grow and thicken with near 0F temps. forecast.

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