Jordan Bay, Sebago, 12/31

Dave Fortier and Curtis Rindlaub sailed in light airs today on the new plate at Jordan Bay. Dave coined a new ice quality rating: sandpaper. The light dusting of snow was slightly wetted out through the fresh ice and formed a little crust: bonded snow. Not ideal for a light air day. Light air continues right up to the promised snow on Thursday. They decided not to sail again there tomorrow.

There’s good sailing reported at Lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater, MA, and they’ll be sailing at Red Bank NJ tomorrow. Sunapee is still clearish, and the Winnipesaukee Broads just froze. Long Pond Lakeville is getting very close. Why does this feel like a game of three dimensional chess?

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  1. Breck Holladay says:

    Is anyone sailing at Sebago in the next three days ? Wheris the launch?
    Nite 389

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