Great Pond Great

There was an icefisherman on a snowmobile waiting on the launch ramp when we arrived. He had just come from the other end of the lake and was able to show us on his GPS map just where the trouble spots were. It took him all of ten seconds because there really aren’t any. The usual points and creek entrances, but even the notorious straight between the south end of Hoyt and the mainland was sailable for nearly its entire breadth. There were three healed cracks over near Oak Island
The wind was a steady twenty with gusts into the stratosphere, but the ice was so smooth you could go as fast as you dared. The lake is nicely oriented NW-SE so the wind was blowing right down the middle. We pinched our way to the very top, and then went deep, drifting along at about true wind speed for seven miles. Rounding up, you realize that it’s actually still blowing, and hard, so beat back to the top and repeat.
Ramblin Roger, Bryce, Jim Gagnon, Jory and your correspondent rounded out the fleet. The boats are on the ice and we are going back tomorrow. Forecast offers full sun and lighter winds.

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