Megunticook Today, 2/17

All we do here is report the facts; just the facts, ma’am. If the wind forecast isn’t so great you’ll hear it here. How could we have known that today on Megunticook would defy the odds again and give us all the wind we wanted, first from the NW, then after a lunch break out of the SW. A solid 10kt all day. And without meaning to twist the knife in the wound, the plate graded out at a solid 9.

Only downside to the day was when one of us got into the thick of an icefishing pop-up field. The guy was definitely not happy and proceeded to drill a long series of holes halfway across the Northwest Passage, making a barrier to his field. It was obvious what he was trying to say, so we stopped to apologize. He vented, but hopefully it helped. Needless to say, give all pop-ups a wide berth, and if you do happen to hit one stop immediately and pay up. We don’t want those guys on our bad side.

Doesn’t look good as far as the forecast extends. Long term trends do say that we’ll have another arctic blast in early March. We’ll be ready! Thanks for the photo Paul Minor, new skipper of Icywood.

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