Megunticook Scores a Ten

Light air and dreamy ice today on Megunticook. The wind blew north 5+ for most of the day, but the old saying “good ice adds 5mph to the wind speed” took it up to ten. So there we were sailing in Ten on a Ten: rolled the dice and came up snake-eyes. There are some drain holes, though. We marked about a dozen in the south broads. The worst spot was the scene of the crime last Saturday where the ice fisherman drill a series of holes to keep the nasty iceboaters out of his trap area.

The gift that keeps on giving. Tonights temps in the teens will probably take care of most of these, but if you sail tomorrow please keep an eye open. If we need to mark others we will.

We’re looking at South Twin Lake in Millinockett for Saturday. There might be a good chance there to have the 100 Mile Race. Rick, from 5 Lakes Lodge, will check in tomorrow with a accurate report.

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3 Responses to Megunticook Scores a Ten

  1. the memphremagog lake is this time perfect for iceboat.

  2. Ben Fuller says:

    Stopped in after work. Ice did look nice. I’ll take TIPPY up tomorrow along with skates in case the wind doesn’t serve.

  3. Fred Greis says:

    Evening Bill. Ok I’ll bite.never been there but it’s only an 11 hour drive from Long Island. Eight out of New London ferry. Phone map gets me to a road below the lake no other roads shown. Thoughts of your fisherman buddies warning and now my phone is playing the theme from Deliverance. How bout some directions to the launch and some local info for us out of towners.

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