Sailing in Quebec

Frank and Denis found some joy on Lac St. Francois over the past couple of days:

We waited for the wind all morning, but it was really dead. So we skated to check the shell ice spots of yesterday, and they were all 2’’ thick. Except where I went in yesterday!!! (he found a 10″ deep shell puddle which he described like a cartoon character running off a cliff: it’s fine until he stops running, there’s a pause, then down he goes!)
We secured a large plate, maybe 2 miles x 4 miles, where we could sail without any hazards. The wind raised at 13:30, and it was the perfect wind for our full rig. Even un bit too strong at times. We stopped at 16:30 as the snow began to fall. It’s supposed to turn to rain tonight, so it may improve the surface by filling some frozen drain holes.

I’m going back tomorrow, and if we can’t sail, then I will repair my plank. “

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