The Early Worm Gets The Birdie 2/27

For those of you who don’t golf, the Birdie is an excellent shot, and a game played one under par. We scored a Birdie on Megunticook this morning by getting there early, sailing by eight a.m. The overnight temps were just under freezing, but the cold dry air seems to have evaporated away most of the water/melted slush and left us with a nice smooth surface of hard ice.

The air continued to blow all day, although by about 1:00 the runners were finding slush in some of the narrow straights and alongshore. The ice out in the broads stayed hard much longer. Must have something to do with the radiant heat of the land warming the plate. The drain holes had two inches of ice over them, which back in November would have been really good, but today it was just ok. It must have been the snow falling into them on Sunday that super-cooled the water as we haven’t had that much sub freezing in the past two days.

Jory, Bryce and I made a couple of trips to the north end, rounding the sauna and looping Lamb’s Folly. The sauna bay always has a great charge of wind in it, and the floating sauna makes for a dramatic leeward mark. Thanks, Cam, and I do hope we keep you entertained!

Where to next? Damariscotta didn’t wet out so well from the last snow, but we’re getting rain tomorrow which might finish the job. Moosehead is starting to bear keeping eyes on. Maybe it’ll come out of this warm stretch ready to welcome us.

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