CIBC Spring Meeting Minutes

Thanks to new secretary Curtis Rindlaub, C Skeeter INDIGO, for putting together these minutes. Enjoy!

Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club Spring meeting April 14, 2018 Damariscotta Lake Farm Inn Minutes by Curtis Rindlaub, secretary
President Bill Buchholz summarized the season as “catch-as-catch-can” and “day-by- day,” with plenty of ice for those willing to go find it. The first day of sailing was November 17th, on Lac St. Joli, Quebec, making the season a day or two shy of six- months long. The club’s concern in the late summer and fall about Damariscotta Lake access was assuaged by successful launches from the beach instead of the ramp and from the Vannah Road boat launch. It seems these options will keep the club on the ice without the need for contemplating the purchase of some access point.
A review of safety concerns and incidents this winter re-emphasized the need to never sail alone and for each iceboater to take it upon him or herself to ask about all hazards “known and unknown” before setting sail. We discussed the unfortunate incident of Breck Holladay sailing his Nite into open water of The Fangs on Lake Megunticook and suffering fractured ribs and fractured boat. He appeared to have been sailing with Chris Biggert in a DN. Chris had turned to sail to the pits while Breck continued on toward the danger. Clearly, Breck was not aware of the hazard. And while there were many iceboats on the lake that day, if Chris and Breck were sailing together as partners, which they may not have been, Chris’s return to the pits left Breck sailing without another set of eyes. Discussion ensued about whether forming formal “buddies” to sail together, rather that informal groups or packs that just happen to be sailing near each other, would lead to greater safety, and whether this is practical. Lloyd recounted once wanting to sail across Sebago Lake. Lacking a buddy, he spied a lone iceboater and suggested they do it together. When they got to the other side and turned around, Lloyd could not make out any landmarks that indicated the location of the pits. When he asked his buddy if he knew where they came from, the buddy said, “How should I know? I’m legally blind.”
Jory Squibb then lightened the mood with an outstanding poem about ice grading, culminating in a shared sentiment: when it is really good, there is no number good enough to describe it. A short discussion on the one-to-ten ice-grading system followed.
As for club business, after many, many years, Lloyd Roberts is retiring as club secretary and Curtis Rindlaub is taking over and will try to fill his boots. The Warner St. Clair Trophy was presented to Lloyd for all he has done to foster not only the club but also the sport of iceboating. Many club members present attested that they would not be iceboaters had it not been for Lloyd’s encouragement and guidance. Jim Gagnon, club treasurer, reported steady sales of Think Ice, a balance of $3,073, and a membership in 2018 of 88, with 14 of them new members.
Think Ice, Lloyd’s seminal book on iceboating, has been revised once. The club discussed and seems in agreement that it would be wonderful to update it and republish it if possible. Curtis has been able to open digital files of the original, Bill has begun somerewriting, and Jim reports that there are only two cases of 48 each, plus a handful, of the last edition left. Both Jim and Bill have been trying to get those cases sent back to CIBC from the Midwest so the club can continue to get them in the hands of iceboaters. It was agreed that the printed newsletter is very much appreciated by club members, particularly for the club roster and Lloyd’s great articles. Curtis agrees to try to continue the tradition.
The meeting concluded with another of Jory’s poems and a wonderful potluck spread. Thanks to all who attended.

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