Some New Whizz

Bryce Geele, not far from the shore of Damariscotta Lake, is making good progress on his new Whizz, sail number 21. After winning the Cheapskate Championship he has set his sights on a greater challenge. The CIBC did not manage to get in the Whizz Regatta this past season, but we’ll be sure to hold it next year.

In Magog, Quebec Bernard Lavoie and Michel Frechette have started building Whizz #23, 23 and 24. Magog is at the north end of Lake Memphramagog, so you can count on sailing there next season. The Whizz is such a versatile iceboat. Light and easy to set up, fast in a wide variety of conditions, comfortable for days of long touring or hard racing, and it looks good. It’s no wonder the class is taking off.

For those guys who have been sailing the Whizz for a while, please plan on traveling to the ISA next year. Do it for the sport. That event wasn’t held this past season either, which means it’s guaranteed for next season. Would the Renegade fleet accept a challenge from the Whizz fleet? Let’s find out!

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    keep the progress pic’s coming!


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