Whizz Building

Michel Frechette of Magog is coming along very well on his new Whizz. He wanted to feel the bounce, so set it up in the driveway on his DN plank.

The rakish nose block is a nice touch.

And just to double check the fit we’ll try it in the shop as well. Note the rugged strongback, as well as the pencil sharpener; always a sign of a good craftsman.

And now that the boat is off the strongback we can lay up the springboard with about an inch of crown.. The runner plank can’t be far behind.
Steve Duhamel is now making a bow chock specifically for the Whizz, but which will work beautifully on any small skeeter. The main difference is the longer arms, which make for easier steering, without the quickness that the DN spec chock causes. And it comes with a two inch long shaft, which means you don’t need to build a skyscraper on the end of your springboard to accommodate to long DN shaft.

Forty degrees and drizzle here in Maine today, with the scent of wood smoke on the breeze. A fine day to Think Ice!

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