Sideboards and Steering

On those days when the tide’s not right for catching clams, Bryce is making good headway on his Whizz. It’s tempting when she’s all framed up to go ahead and start the planking but it really pays to do all the inside work first.

Fitting the springboard and checking the run of the steering cables.

Check out this nifty little cut-off tool, with a guide. He used it to slot the aluminum steering tube.

The flange bases will get wood pads and the 1/8″ plate will connect to the steering cables with small cable clamps. A chain saw file makes a nice groove in the top edge of that plate for the cable to rest in. You don’t want to make these wood foot pedal pads too large because sometimes you want to scoot your feet down behind the pedals right to the bulkhead, like when you’re on a long, cold, windy run so your head is a low as possible to reduce wind chill and windage. It also helps if you’re trying to keep the other guy from passing you. In that position the wheel is in just the right place for steering, the sheet is cleated, you’re out of the wind and life is good.

And now the planking begins. An iceboat all framed up is a beautiful thing and a joy to behold, but time marches on. In less than a week the days begin to get shorter, and we all know what that means!

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