Bill Bunting shared the sad news today that CIBC mascot Trixie has died. She was most well known for her uncanny ability to enter cars and lunch boxes, find the sandwich, eat and retreat.

Bill says: “She considered herself a club member. And some members will be relieved. Her own unique take on iceboating was as strong as that of any of us — no matter which direction or at what season we approached Chicky or Dammy, a mile or two before they came into sight, she would stand on the consul and put her front feet on the dashboard and whine. After we passed she would groan and lie down on the back seat, profoundly disappointed. The only activity she loved as much as iceboating was haying.”

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2 Responses to TRIXIE

  1. Billy Bluefeather says:

    There is something very special about a dog that will climb aboard a speeding iceboat to share the ecitement with a human they love..I miss my two Shadow and Wiley every day..Hope with all my heart that Trixie will find a home with them in the spirit world..Where they will watch over us til we meet them again…Until then …BBF

  2. Terrific photo, what form, a definite 10!

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