2018-19 Season Kickoff

Good Monday all,

I just want to say that the weekend of meetings, feedings, talkings, tunings, sharpenings, alignings went well I conclude. The first get together in MA went well for me as I did not have any gear to sell at the swap meet, so was able to get there at the leisurely, time of 1200. The new location for the meeting was cool. There was a good area for the swap meet directly outside the door of the Elks club. The meeting/lunch area was cozy with just enough seats, and a full bar. The meeting went well with a synopsis of New England races, and a description of the happenings at the IDNIYRA North American Championship from the man in charge, Chad Atkins. Bill Buchholz gave a nice synopsis of the cruising and racing happenings in our club. 

Three of the southern New Englanders joined Jim, and I for a good evening in Biddeford. A delicious meal at a local Italian restaurant along with some terrific stories from Jim that I wish I could have taped. Even though it was the night that we would set the clocks back one hour, and so gain an hour of sleep, we did not even stay up past 2300. We missed Saturday Night Live!

Our meeting went well, I believe that we attended to all necessary business regarding finances, Think Ice printing/possible edits, and member lists. There were JUST enough seats for all.  What I really want to say is, I want to thank those that were able to bring the food. There was much of it, and it was delicious. I have to say that the chili was my fav. I apologize for the lack of coffee to go along with the sweets, I should have made a pot. 

In case you may be wondering Kate Morrone and I were sharpening and aligning runners in the shop. We were successful and Kate was on the road by 1900hrs. I hope all had fun and a safe cruise home, see you soon. 

Think Ice, Dave US4690

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  1. John Stanton says:

    Dave, recording devices are prohibited from these events. To protect the innocent, of course.

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