Secretary Rindlaub out sick, Secretary Emeritus takes over

Fall Meeting Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club Nov 4, 2018 at Dave Fortier’s, Biddeford, ME

Treasurer’s report received; major expenses donation to Clary Lake Association toward dam repair, Spring Meeting hall rental, and newsletter printing. Current balance $2,285 plus dues collected at both meetings. Meeting attendance about 20, recorded by Treas.

Damariscotta Lake Report; Farm beach access worked well last year. Can’t use the ramp. South end Vannah Rd. access used once, worked OK. Beware stream to the right of the ramp, facing lake.

Megunticook Lake report; discussion of ice boat damage incident at Fangs channel last year lead to discussion of hazard notices in general on web site and at lake side with over arching importance of individual responsibility to seek out current information at the time of sailing. Ice boating is dangerous. Peter Ashley recommends carrying emergency smoke flares, Lloyd Roberts made a plug for dry suits as cheap life insurance ( about 1/3 of members present use them). The “buddy system” is basic key practice. Duct tape may get you or some one else home.

There is a permanent “Winnepesaukee Hardway” trophy at Brewster Academy near Wolfeboro Beach in the school’s boathouse. To be engraved on the trophy you must do the Hardway 3 times. Contact people are Charlie Sylfanius, Lee Spiller, and Kate Marrone.

Where is the “Over 50” trophy? Fortier tries to keep track of trophies. Dave was appointed official club archiving historian. He will organize, catalog and store any club related historical stuff.

“Think Ice” is running out, re write/reprint discussed, again.

No changes to board of directors were made.

Meeting adjourned, pot luck lunch demolished.

Thank you Dave, glad to hear that training for your new gold fish is going well.

Respectfully submitted, Lloyd Roberts, Secretary pro tem.

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