thanksgiving blues

buchholz sent a photo
–twas a nasty low-down trick—
a northern lake had frozen
you could hardly tell how thick

We love that lake quite dearly
it forever stretches west
with Katadn’s peak just northward
this jewel of lakes is blest

but my kids are heading homeward
from the south and even Spain
and here comes this great temptation
holy jaysus what a pain

just imagine ’round the table
“where’s dad?” “Oh, he’s away
You know he loves you dearly
But some ice got in the way”

So I looked at maps quite closely
and the spouse’s list to-do
by gosh i’ll have that cake
and somehow eat it too.

Tomorrow night at sunset
there’ll be exciting tales to tell
Or you’ll find me sipping brandy
in a sleazy bar in hell

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  1. Roger Carlson says:

    Very clever, thanks.

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