Maine Ice

Just to keep the juices flowing, here’s a shot of the narrows on Damariscotta Lake, looking north.

The ice is about 3/4”, and was strong enough to withstand the gusts of wind which caused it to heave up and down, crackling in the pebbles and bullrushes alongshore. The main body of the lake is still open. This might not survive the warm front moving through Sunday through Tuesday, but what that front might do is give Plymouth Pond a surface. It hasn’t been checked since before this deep cold snap but it’s bound to be a few inches by now.
Anyone close by there willing to go have a look?

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2 Responses to Maine Ice

  1. chefhannibal says:

    About 10 years ago we got some wings in Tolman pond behind the market around this time of year. Cops came by to check on us and Dicky reassured him we had safety gear and were competent enough to be out there. So with these temps I have been checking for a post about Plymouth pond, like every hour. Hoping to see a group there on Sunday. Still have not pulled the trigger on getting a DN but I have my wing and would love to see y’all and get a jump on the season.

  2. Scott Carlson says:

    At Plymouth now…noon on Saturday. Ice is tight to the shore with no obvious open water. Surface is horrible. 70% snow covered and windblown. In the good spots near the launch site there is 2 plus inches of hard ice covered by another 1 plus inches of crudy snow ice. Some patches are slushy (saturated) and sketchy. My guess…it will survive the warm front and smooth out. Will need to setup/heal for a couple of days afterwards.

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