Pushaw a Wrap

As the sun was going down and the last trailer hauled up the ramp, a clutch of DN’s could still be seen in the near bay milking every last puff of the dying breeze, The wind was on again off again most of the day. There were big holes in on the northern run; we’d be hiking one minute and pushing the next. The DN racers set up a scratch race course and managed a few laps every now and then, but where else would you rather be that on a big plate of ice with good friends waiting for wind?

And while we’re waiting why not lay down on the ice looking for interesting angles?

There’s always time to meet new people and try to convince them that this sport makes perfect sense. We didn’t get much dissent from this little sport:

There’s great ice coming in all over the place. The next good day in sight for local ice is Wednesday, with winds around 10. Pemequid Pond looks like a good possibility. The south end will be checked tomorrow morning and we’ll post a final call here if it’s a go.

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