CIBC History

This runner box was seen in the pits today at Great Pond. It was with an older boat, must have been owned by Tony at some point, but the message is priceless and a gem of pre-internet communication. Those three guys are the founders of the CIBC. We have the Linc Davis Regatta in honor of all Linc did to develop iceboating in Maine.

Warner St. Clair was Lloyd’s mentor and co-author of Think Ice, and Paul Wolter was the hard driving sailor who’s known for the line: “if we are sailing, we are racing!”

Whomever has this box, please keep it well.

DN racing at Great Pond tomorrow; the ice is still great. There has been some movement, however, and a new ridge on the upper east side.

No movement down here, though. This guy isn’t going anywhere until next spring!

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  1. Jim Mathieu says:

    that is my box, pre, cell phones GPS. internet, REAL TELEPHONE NUMBERS that are on a wall or desk.or on the road from a PHONE BOOTH. i all most painted it when i bought it 30 years ago. I’m glad I left it alone. The boat needs a paint job too. # 3318 ……..

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